"I want to thank the great staff at Elite Physical for helping me get back to normal after frozen shoulder surgery. Their patience and great exercise regimen proves one can recover and improve their outlook on life. Eli's great team at the Rancho Mirage office worked me hard and helped get back to work traveling weekly to Pasadena. I am now working with their pilates trainer and that continues to keep me moving freely and pain free! Thanks for your sense of humor and most of all the awesome workouts in PT and pilates."
Steve Binder, PGA West
"I have added 20 yards distance in my golf game since starting Pilates with Paula."
Margaret Becker
"My daughter Sara Sanderson is a quadriplegic and I was afraid for her to have massage therapy. This group was and is so good to her when she comes in."
Ramona Lokker
"It's been very helpful. I don't hurt as much. Thank goodness."
Maria Harnquist
"From the moment I walked into the office there was a cheerfulness, and a feeling of comfort and care. I was met by my name, with an easy smile from behind the reception desk by Magda. I didn't feel like just another patient. When I met Elijah Bishop, a caring and very supportive physical therapist, I knew I had found the physical therapist I needed to help me recover from my rotator cuff surgery, that understood my physical needs of my fibromyalgia and arthritis. I am thankful every day for Elite Physical Therapy and Wellness. It hurts to get better, but... It's a good hurt!"
Bobbie Eschbach
"An MRI confirmed that I have a torn rotator cuff. My orthopedic physician said it required surgery to fix it. I asked if physical therapy would be of any help. The doctor said "try it." I went to Elite Physical Therapy and was introduced to a truly gifted therapist, Brian Finch. He worked with me twice a week for a month, then we went on a maintenance schedule of once a week. I'm now 80% pain free with as much range of motion as I'll ever require. No surgery for me!! Bless the great folks at Elite!"
Robert M. Schneider
"My experience at Elite was great, physically and mentally. After hip replacement surgery with multiple post-surgery problems, the expert physical therapy I received helped to get me moving and made me believe there could be an end in sight. Whether working with Eli, Robert, or Sunni I was able to trust their advice and guidance. As an added benefit, they pointed me toward Pilates with a certified instructor, conducted at their site. Working together, they planned and helped me execute a program that has made me stronger, more flexible, and overall healthier. It appeared an overwhelming task with all the problems I had, but the personal interest, caring support and guidance helped me succeed."
Sherry Deetz

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