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What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy is a medical profession and method of healthcare centered on treatment of problems restricting a person’s ability to move and function.  They evaluate impairments and conduct non-surgical treatment of neuromusculoskeletal problems that affect one’s ability to function in daily life.  As the neuromuscular and skeletal systems have the ability to heal, adapt, and strengthen, physical therapists educate clients, set goals, provide manual treatment, exercise instruction and administer modalities to improve overall functional activities. 
Because all people have the need to move and function, physical therapists work with clients across the lifespan.  A physical therapist may work with patients or clients in hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient clinics, schools, in client homes, and in the workplace.  Additionally, because physical therapists are experts in movement and function, their skills are not limited to the rehabilitation setting.  An important part of a therapy program is the prevention of future injury and loss of movement.  Physical therapists work as consultants in clinics and industrial settings to improve workplace design, reducing the risk of repetitive muscle overuse or poor body mechanics contributing to the development pain, often in the arms or low back.  They also provide services to athletes to screen for potential problems, institute preventive exercise programs, and enhance performance.  In the fitness industry, physical therapists consult with clients and fitness personnel to develop workouts that are safe and effective, especially for individuals with prior or existing joint or muscle injury.

How can physical therapy help me?

A physical therapist can evaluate your condition and identify the source of your discomfort or dysfunction. Once evaluated, the therapist can develop a treatment program that will usually involve some form of manual therapy and exercise, as well as modalities if they are needed to treat the problem areas. You will also receive instruction in a home exercise program as well as education on proper body mechanics and posture to prevent re-injury. Back to Top

Do I need a referral?

California law requires that a patient get a prescription from a medical doctor in order to begin physical therapy treatment. A physical therapist may evaluate an individual without this prescription but in order to begin any treatment, the prescription must be obtained.
Contact us today and we can get started.  We will need your name, insurance information and whether your injury is work related or not.  Additionally, some insurance coverage may require you to have “authorization” before they will approve payment. After we have confirmed that we are contracted with your insurance or WC carrier and have authorization, we can get you scheduled at one of our three convenient located clinics in the Coachella Valley.  Often we can see you within 48 hours of your first call and sometimes the same day. 
It’s important to remember that if you are under the care of a Physician and require Physical Therapy, you have the freedom to choose which physical therapy clinic to receive your treatment from. Back to Top

Do you accept my Insurance?

We accept most major insurance coverage. Here is a partial list:
•  Exclusive Care
•  Medicare
•  Tricare for Life
•  Cigna
•  Aetna
•  Blue Shield
•  First Health
•  Kaiser Permanente
•  United Healthcare
•  Beech Street
•  Great-West Healthcare
•  Blue Cross
We also accept Worker’s Compensation Insurances and LEINS:
At the time of scheduling your first appointment we request that you provide us your insurance information so that we may verify your benefits and coverage. Back to Top

How do I pay for treatment?

We accept payment via cash, check, debit and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, & American Express). Payment is expected at the time of treatment.  If you have insurance coverage there may be a deductible or co-pay required.  We will contact your insurance company to verify your benefits for Physical Therapy.  Some insurance providers have restrictions on specific treatments.       
As a courtesy, ELITE PHYSICAL THERAPY & WELLNESS files your primary insurance as well as any secondary coverage. You will be billed for any cost share (if applicable) after your insurance has paid their portion. Back to Top

What should I expect during my first visit?

Please plan on coming 15 minutes before the start of your appointment to complete your new patient paperwork which includes information about your injury, current function and pain scale.  Bring along your physician's referral, your insurance card (if applicable) and wear comfortable clothes.
During your initial visit, a licensed Physical Therapist will provide you with a thorough evaluation. Please be prepared to discuss your needs and any pain, lack of mobility or function that you currently have. This evaluation will involve certain range of motion, postural, and strength tests to help your Physical Therapist develop a plan unique to you and your condition. For future visits, we ask that you schedule two weeks out and let us know at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to make your scheduled appointment. Back to Top

Do I need to bring my X-Rays or MRI films?

Please bring any interpretation reports from when your X-Ray or MRI was read by a Physician. You do not need to bring the films. Because X-Rays and MRIs do not reveal everything your Physical Therapist needs to know in order to properly treat you, he or she will focus on taking your medical history, conducting a systems review, and performing physical tests and measures which identify potential and existing problems. Back to Top

Can I fill out any New Patient Forms and bring them with me?

Yes! New Patient Forms are located under forms at the top of the page. Please print them out, complete, and bring with you to your first visit. Back to Top

What are my options when I have completed my therapy?

Many of our patients have enjoyed using our equipment and exercising in our friendly atmosphere.  Once your therapy program is completed, we also offer after therapy exercise programs guided by certified Pilates instructors and Fitness specialists where previous patients can utilize our facility in order to continue their exercise program and get guidance from our team.  Check out our Services Overview page for more details. Back to Top